Winter Furnace Maintenance

Your Winter Checklist For Furnace Maintenance

Prepare your furnace for winter, and make sure your HVAC system is ready to keep your family warm all year long. Please note: It’s crucial to schedule regular maintenance for your gas furnace, ideally before the winter season starts. Typical weather in Georgia is notoriously high humidity levels, and a well-rounded HVAC will reduce the amount of humidity inside your home. We’ve compiled a handy checklist for furnace maintenance, so you don’t find yourself with a non-working HVAC in the middle of winter!

4 Tips for Winter Furnace Maintenance

A poorly performing or broken furnace can reduce the air quality in your home and cause a spike in energy costs for the winter. To give you the best use of your furnace, check out our top 4 Champion Heating and Air tips for furnace maintenance and how to identify if you need furnace repair.

The first step in preparing your furnace for winter is testing the thermostat. Switch from cooling to heating – raising the temperature several degrees – and see how the system performs. After a long hiatus, the first time you turn on your furnace is sometimes the catalyst of signs for furnace repair. 

Pay attention to your carbon monoxide detector and abnormal smells after turning on the unit. A furnace that won’t start or produces strange smells is a major issue, especially once really cold weather sets in. It is always better to schedule furnace maintenance to get ahead of potential issues and make sure your family stays safe and comfortable all winter! 

If you turn on the heat and nothing happens, you may have an issue with your pilot light. For gas furnaces, you may need to reignite the pilot light to get the system going. For modern furnaces, you simply need to switch on the electronic ignitor. 

If your furnace is not providing sufficient heat, you may need to change out your air filter. It’s important to conduct this furnace maintenance immediately because a dirty furnace filter will obstruct air flow, wasting energy as your home takes longer to warm up. 

Depending on the thickness of your furnace filter, you may need to replace it every few months or once a year. For example, 1-inch thick filters should be replaced every 1-3 months while 5-inch thick filters may last a year.

In many homes, the furnace is tucked away in storage. If you’re wondering what takes so long for your home or office to heat up, consider clearing away old boxes, holiday decorations, and seasonal clothing. Proper airflow and distribution of heated air throughout the building are essential for an effective heating system.

Before turning on your furnace for the winter, make sure nothing flammable is in close proximity. Clear the area and remove dust and debris from the floor to reduce the risk of fire.

Indoor air quality relies heavily on how air passes through your ducts and vents. That’s why Champion Heating and Air is also trained and certified to provide professional dryer vent and duct cleaning. A clean dryer vent removes built-up dust and allergens, improving the overall health and well-being of the individuals in your home.

In conjunction with improving your indoor air quality, schedule dryer vent cleaning with our team, and this will set your furnace up for success through the winter. 

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Make the difference between a long, brutal winter and a comfortable, enjoyable season with furnace maintenance. Backed by decades of industry experience, our local HVAC company can help you prepare for winter to ensure your unit is safe and performs well. 

Our HVAC services not only regulate the temperature within your home, but as we’ve learned more about furnace maintenance, it also improves the quality of air for homes and businesses alike. Furnaces are a primary source of heating during the winter, and a crucial component for how to stay comfortable year-round. 

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